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E-School Management System

E-School Management System is a comprehensive web-based School Management Software. It is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents & management. This management software very gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school management.

The software being web based can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which enables the students, teachers, parents & the management be in touch with each other at all times.

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College Management System

The College Management System from Celtis IT Solutions is a novel concept to converge and bring together college administration, Students and their Parents under one platform and into cohesive unit of sharing and disseminating of information and to set up communication and interaction between each other enabling them to optimize their resources with an aim to improve enhance performance.

The Hall mark of this web portal will be the student Community will remain oblivious of the interaction of their parents with the faculty and college management. The student Community on their own will have access to sharing information with other students there by creating their own community platform for knowledge enhancement.

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Hospital Management System

Meditech 1.0 has been designed and developed for Healthcare organizations, the solution being reliable and scalable, has been designed keeping in mind today's complex processing requirements and stipulations. The system is developed in a pure Internet/Intranet environment and runs on any browser. Meditech 1.0 uses a browser-based interface and its tree-based navigation allows users to navigate to the context very fast.

The system focuses on excellent coordination between HealthCare organizations and subscribers, making e-health scenario "a reality". Meditech 1.0 provides end-to-end customer service operations and high level of efficiency in recording and information dissemination thus reducing errors.

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Super Market Services

The Super Market Services is a novel concept which helps in converging the retailer and customers into a cohesive unit, so that they come under one platform to share and disseminate their needs. These solutions have been very effective and have attracted a gamut of customers. We offer the service at a cost effective price.

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E Banking System

We offer E-Banking services which enables the customers for financial transactions with the bank on a secured website. The website is operated by virtual bank, credit union or building society. This facilitates easy banking options like money transfers from one account to another.

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Payroll Management Services

Our Clients can avail the Payroll Management services which offer easy generation of employee payroll and attendance sheets. The complete technical support and training are offered to our clients so that the complete Payroll system is easily managed and cumbersome procedures are totally avoided.

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